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Committed to the Highest Standards of Care,
Service and Safety

We provide high-quality senior care services with compassion and confidence a warm, welcoming setting on a beautiful Floridian campus. Whatever senior services are required, at Menorah Life, independence is fostered, choices are honored, and Jewish traditions are preserved – and celebrated.

With nearly four decades of experience in senior healthcare, Menorah Life offers best-in-class in-patient and outpatient rehabilitation, adult day care, assisted living, and long-term skilled nursing care in a community where seniors enjoy a true sense of purpose by leading happier, healthier, more socially engaged lives well into their advanced years.

We’re All About Life – and Living

We recently changed our name from Menorah Manor to Menorah Life because it more accurately describes who we are and what we believe. Menorah Life better defines our organization as what it is: an all-encompassing entity. Our name demonstrates a commitment not just to providing care, but also to being a champion of the whole of our individual and shared experiences.

It’s a New Era in Senior Healthcare.
Menorah Life Is Leading the Way.

The senior care industry has significantly progressed since we opened our doors almost 40 years ago. And while we’ve been on the leading edge of innovation and quality every step of the way, we’ve stayed true to our foundational beliefs and values. At Menorah Life, we embrace change … and in this new age of senior care, we remain committed to doing whatever we need to do to secure a future for our residents today – a future for those we serve today – and those who will need us tomorrow.

Our reputation for innovation and quality has firmly established us as the preferred provider in St. Petersburg and its surrounding counties. We will continue this journey well into the future, successfully transforming senior care and serving the ever-changing needs of our community’s seniors.

Our Culture


Menorah Life is friendly and vibrant. Here you’ll experience a real sense of community where people genuinely care for and about one another. It’s a place where families feel good entrusting their loved ones care to us. It’s a community where we become one big family.

Put simply, the Menorah Life culture is built upon a strong sense of family, dedication, loyalty and pride. We live and breathe our values, and that commitment is felt throughout every service and lifestyle we provide.


What Sets Us Apart

Our Mission

To enhance the lives of seniors, families, and our community with compassion, innovation, and excellence.

Our Vision

To make the world a better place by exemplary care for those we serve, role-modeling our values, and engaging in Tikkun Olam (Healing the World).

Our Values

We are inspired by Jewish values in all that we do.

Kavod: Treating others with honor, dignity and respect

Hesed: Performing acts of kindness, compassion and caring

Tzedek: Doing what is right through leadership, service excellence, integrity and stewardship

Limud: Learning and growing personally and professionally with a commitment to innovation

We Celebrate Tradition.

Menorah Life is a faith based community. Our Jewish roots and traditions are an important part of our foundation. These roots have helped to shape our universal and timeless values. We believe Jewish cultural perspectives draw residents closer to friends, family and the community. While these traditions, customs, holidays and culture set the pattern of life here at Menorah Life, we honor the religious traditions of all members of the Menorah Life family. Our goal is to create a supportive and welcoming environment for all.

Spiritual Life

Spiritual life at Menorah Life plays an important role in our commitment to wellness and well-being. Addressing the spiritual, intellectual and emotional concerns of our residents is the mission of our Spiritual Care Department. Whatever their need may be, we strive to keep our family emotionally strong and spiritually aware so that they can continue to enjoy the opportunities life brings.

“If I ever needed to place a loved one in a skilled nursing facility, I’d feel very comfortable placing them in the care of Menorah Life.”

Auditor, The Joint Commission

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