Board of Directors 
Menorah Life

David S. Delrahim, Esq.

Vice Chair
Eric Ludin, Esq.

Elizabeth J. Knowles

Ann V. Soble

Chief Executive Officer
Robert Becht, MBA, JD


Jared Abelman
Judy Benjamin
Adam Curtis
Bernard “Barry” Kanner, Esq.
Jason C. Levine, MD
Steven M. LeVine, MD
Colby T. Masterson, JD, CFP®
Howard Miller, Esq.
Linda Reimer, RN, MHA
Bernie Sapperstein
Steven B. Warren, MD
David A. Wein, MD
Rabbi Philip Weintraub
Robert Weisberg, PhD

Menorah Life Foundation

Ann V. Soble

Vice Chair
Charlene O. Wygodski, DDS

Brennan Hervey

Sarah E. Feld

Chief Executive Officer
Robert Becht, MBA, JD

Bonnie Berman, PhD
Jasandra Berman
Joel Berman, Esq.
Susie Klemow Berman
Kathleen Buns
Ross S. Felsher, JD, MBA
Gabrielle Fisher
Gregory A. Fox, Esq.
Judith Fine Gordon
Barbara Samson Guterman
Roni B. Igel
Jackie Kanner
Melinda Lebowitz
Susan Marger LeVine
Vivian Lurie
Shelley Lynn
Stefani C. Margolis

Nancy Clark Miller
Lois Pardoll
Linda Reimer, RN, MHA
Paul Samson
Susan Schwartz
Jan Sher
Stephanie Stein
Chip Weinman
Jonathan H. Weinman, DDS
Phyllis Werner
Barbara Baughman – Honorary

{It gives me great pleasure to brighten someone's day. Watching our residents come down for a gift, a cup of coffee, and some conversation is wonderful. I see how much our residents enjoy the atmosphere of the gift shop. {
{There’s no way to thank you all (and other volunteers) for all the work and loving care you gave Dad. He improved so much under your attention… He speaks of you very warmly. I praise Menorah Life every chance I get and will continue to urge anyone to consider your services.{
{Menorah Life means that not only can our Jewish seniors have the best care available, but my wife and I, and our friends, can be confident that the same high level of care will be there when we need it.{
{The care my beloved mother received during her final months was extraordinary! Thank you!{
{Thank you for the excellent care given to dad. We cannot say enough about how loving and sincere Menorah Life is. Your proactive staff on the 2nd floor are terrific! My father wouldn't be alive today if it wasn't for the care he receives at Menorah Life.{
{I started my career at Menorah Life 20 years ago as a CNA. Being the director of nursing here was one of my greatest aspirations, and I look forward to continuing to serve this community.{
{I joined Menorah Life in 2015 as the director of admissions. I enjoy helping people make the transition from the hospital into our short-term rehabilitation, and I especially like seeing the progress of the residents before they discharge home. I also have the pleasure of helping families in need of long-term Care to ensure their needs are met while navigating through the process and getting adjusted to a new home. I am delighted to be a part of this wonderful team!{
{Serving as the director of development and communications for Menorah Life is a wonderful fit for me. In this dual capacity, I am privileged to share our aspirations and achievements, and at the same time assist our donors to determine how they can best support the goals and growth of this outstanding organization.{
{It is hard to believe that I've been at Menorah since 2002. I'm blessed to have a job where I work with people who truly care about the residents and each other.{
{Hi, Kim McFadden here, director of social services at Samson Nursing Center. I help people navigate blending healthcare and life. I love seeing smiling faces and hearing laughter at work!!{

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